The Schools: Trip: St Nicholas’, St Anne’s, Garston and Barlows Primary Schools

North West enterprise came to Bootle in North Liverpool today as students from four primary schools across the city made their way to the Department for Work and Pensions offices to put their Enterprise Skills to the test. The pupils had never met before but to be victorious they would have to show they were experts at Staying Positive in a new environment and Working in a Team with unfamiliar faces. Right from the start the pupils made every effort to make friends with their new team mates and soon the competition was on!

The Business: HMRC, Bootle

Local landmark The Triad was the venue for todays’ challenge. This building is home to a wide range of government departments including HMRC and DWP. Volunteers from across Liverpool and the North West gave their valuable time. Representing HMRC, The Legal Aid Agency, DWP and the Home Office, it was fantastic to have the skills and experiences from such a wide range of government departments and it certainly gave the pupils plenty to consider with regards to employment opportunities in their home city.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

The students’ task today involved their Problem Solving skills in order to find the perfect applicants for the job. This meant Listening Carefully to what the candidates were saying in order to infer whether or not they had the necessary skills to do the job. With such a difficult task, and no obvious answer, it was essential that they could work together to ensure that everybody’s ideas were heard and taken on board. It was great to see the teams taking turns in Leading and Using Imagination in order to discuss why each person would be good or bad for the role.

The Results:

Finally it was time to demonstrate their skills at Sharing Ideas by coming to the front and pitching to the judges in order to persuade them to hire their candidates. All the groups were Aiming High in order to win and it was fantastic to see every team member stand up and speak. Their use of humour, persuasive language and detailed explanations based on the knowledge they had amassed about the applicants made for interesting and thought provoking presentations. Even better was hearing how much they had enjoyed working with students they never met before and how much they had developed their team work skills as a consequence. The judges were left with a tough choice about who to award the winning five points to but it made for a thrilling ending as the finally scores were tallied up.

What they said:

  • “I’m really proud of them for all doing their very best today, it was great to see them all get up at the end and present, something many of them find challenging.” – Teacher, St Anne’s
  • “The pupils were great, I was amazed at how well they got on with one another and they asked such interesting and challenging questions that really made me think.” – Volunteer, DWP, Bootle
  • “I am so proud of the way we worked together as a team, I was really nervous at first when I didn’t know anyone but we all stayed positive and got on with it and had fun” – Student, Garston Primary School

Thanks to Department for Work and Pensions for such a great trip day, and to Years 5 & 6 from St Nicholas’, St Anne’s, Garston and Barlows Primary Schools for coming along.

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