The School: William Tyndale Primary School

Islington-based William Tyndale Primary have been working on developing their enterprise skills for several years. This year, they have already completed the Future Transport Challenge Day, during which they took on the roles of transport designers and testers. They have also completed a range of Enabling Enterprise projects and focus on a ‘skill of the month’ throughout the year.

Today was a great opportunity for Year 6 students to build on the success of their in-school enterprise projects by travelling to the City for a finance-themed challenge at top business PIMCO.

The Business: PIMCO, London

PIMCO is a global investment management firm with a singular focus on preserving and enhancing investors’ assets. They manage investments for institutions, financial advisors and individuals and also serve advisors and individuals set on personal financial goals, from preparing for retirement to funding higher education.

Today was the first opportunity for volunteers at PIMCO to engage with an Enabling Enterprise challenge and to share their expertise with aspiring students. The volunteers worked in a range of departments from compliance and law to investment and charity teams, and each provided unique insight on how the enterprise skills support their work.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The teams began their day with an introduction to PIMCO from the Managing Director before interviewing their volunteers, to learn more about their roles within the organisation. After an insightful tour of the offices, proving how good they were at Listening Carefully, the budding entrepreneurs took on the role of aspiring traders for the day. They met their client, Dr Taylor, and set to work researching four different companies to invest the £25,000 she had given them. Today was also a test of Staying Positive skills as each team worked closely with the adults to make the best decisions for investing their client’s money.

The Results:

Over the course of the day, it was great to watch how the teams of students developed in confidence and applied their Problem Solving skills when making quick investment decisions. The level of competition was high amongst students and volunteers alike, with teams working hard throughout the day to try and gain the most points for each of the challenge skills. With particular focus on Staying Positive, it was great to see students championing each other and never giving up – even when things got tricky later in the day!

What they said:

  • “These kids have surprised me with how completely engaged they are in the task!” – Teacher, William Tyndale Primary School
  • “The tour was excellent and the number of volunteers has been great for the kids.” – Teacher, William Tyndale Primary School
  • “It was such an inspiring day. I wish we had these opportunities when we were in school!” – Volunteer, PIMCO
  • “We worked well as a team, and took risks as a team ” – Student, William Tyndale Primary School

Thanks to PIMCO for such a great trip day, and to Year 6 from William Tyndale Primary School for coming along.

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