The School: St Matthew’s C of E Primary

Now in their fourth year of working with Enabling Enterprise as a Partner School, St Matthew’s C of E Primary, based in the London Borough of Hillingdon, are part of the Frays Academy Trust. Teachers are passionate about helping students to develop their enterprise skills, not only in school through Lesson-Time Projects and Challenge Days such as ‘Crime Scene’ or ‘Operation: Moonbase’, but also on Business Trips where they get the chance to apply those skills to the world of work. Today, teams from Year 3 had the opportunity to experience student life at the world-renowned London Business School.

The Business: London Business School (LBS)

London Business School offers world-class Business masters and non-masters degrees for postgraduates, giving them the advantage of global links and international recognition. Their programmes have been given the accolade of being amongst the world’s best, according to the Financial Times.

Today, the students were joined by student ambassadors of LBS who truly represented the global nature of the school, representing India, Turkey and the USA.

The Day: University Challenge

After getting into teams, the students began the day by researching different departments, courses and societies within the school and finding out more information about universities and student life from their ambassadors, before going on a tour of the facilities at LBS. The tour gave the children an opportunity to explore life on campus, taking in the courtyards, living quarters, dining areas and lecture suites, as well as to learn how post-graduates at LBS bring a wealth of skills and experiences into their studies with the view to developing their business expertise and leadership strategies.

The children then worked in their teams to plan a new Students’ society for an area of interest that they felt the LBS students would want to pursue in their spare time. They came up with some original ideas such as Fashion Society, Diversity Society and Song Racers Society, which sought to combine a love for singing with a passion for racing cars! After this, teams worked hard to create logos and design posters and badges to advertise their welcome events and presented all their ideas at Societies Stalls in a Freshers’ Fair. Each team thought about how the different roles would be assigned and how each member could support the others to finish on time.

The Results:

All of the teams worked really hard and demonstrated great Working in a Team throughout the day. Some students showed off their great Leading skills to gently guide their groups through the tasks and assign roles, whilst others were Using Imagination at the highest standard. The day ended with all of the students confidently Sharing Ideas from the day with the ambassadors from LBS, who were inspired to sign up by the teams’ enthusiastic pitches and range of freebies!

What they said:

  • “I was very impressed with their presenting and the unique, ‘on point’ ideas that came out from the teams.” – Ambassador, London Business School
  • “The children have gained a good understanding of university life and societies whilst exploring the LBS grounds and learning more about its history. They have been using their imagination and applying creative skills and it was a great opportunity to develop public speaking confidence with guidance from the ambassadors.” – Teacher, St Matthew’s C of E Primary
  • “This has been a great experience for these children’s futures; the way they worked in teams and small groups to complete the challenge is very similar to how we tackle tasks here, so it’s helped them to really understand team dynamics.” – Ambassador, London Business School
  • “It’s been great to see what universities are like and to see that there is so much to do in the day as well as studying!” – Student, St Matthew’s C of E Primary

Thanks to London Business School for a great trip day, and to Year 3 from St Matthew’s C of E Primary for coming along and making it so enjoyable.

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