The School: S.S. John & Monica Catholic Primary School

S.S. John & Monica Catholic Primary School, in Birmingham, an Enabling Enterprise Partner School for two years, have provided all students with opportunities to learn, develop and enhance their essential enterprise skills through a variety of lesson time projects, trips out of school on business visits and challenge days.

The Business: Unity Trust Bank, Birmingham

Unity Trust Bank specialise in working with organisations and businesses that aim to create community, social or environmental benefit in a financially sustainable way. They seek to put social change at the heart of everything they do by offering specialist banking and finance to organisations that have a positive impact on their communities.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The group of Year 5 students, arriving from S.S. John & Monica Catholic Primary with a wealth of enterprise experiences to draw upon, were excited to find out more about Unity Trust Bank and how they were to be challenged during this special workplace visit. The opportunity to work to enthusiastic Unity Trust Bank employees really supported Enabling Enterprise’s desire for students to make links between what they are learning in school and the workplace. Challenged to invest the hard earned money of a special client, teams needed show they could Listen Carefully and use their Problem Solving skills to take account of fluctuations occurring on the ‘stock market and make sound decisions for the benefit of their client.

The Results:

The fast paced challenge certainly tested all of the young entrepreneurs, using their Problem Solving skills and demonstrating their ability to stay positive as the markets fluctuated. Utilising their Maths knowledge from school effectively, all teams were able to check their calculations, confident their client would be more than happy with the return on their investment! Unity Trust Bank volunteers were clearly impressed throughout the day, as enterprise points were awarded and the content of final presentations by all teams certainly put a smile on everyone’s faces.

What they said:

  • “It is fascinating to see how well the children have developed their enterprise skills through their engagement in the opportunities provided through our work with Enabling Enterprise” – Head Teacher, S.S. John & Monica Catholic Primary School
  • “It was great to work with the children and see how the skills they are developing are really helping to prepare them for the work place” – Volunteer, Unity Trust Bank
  • “I’ve had a great day. I really enjoyed investing on the stock market, taking a risk and making lots of money for Dr. Taylor” – Student, S.S. John & Monica Catholic Primary School

Thanks to Unity Trust Bank for such a great trip day, and to Years 5 children and staff from S.S. John & Monica Catholic Primary School for your energy and enthusiasm throughout.

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