The School: Crossley Street Primary School

Well into their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise, the students of Crossley Street, Wetherby stepped into Aon’s Leeds office with excitement and focus. The formal surroundings of a real-life workplace were soon adapted to as the children got involved, meeting the Aon volunteers and finding out all of the facts and figures of this ‘One’ company.

The Business: Aon, Leeds

Aon is a leading global provider of risk management, insurance brokerage and reinsurance brokerage, human resources solutions and outsourcing services. A warm welcome was received from all at the Leeds office where volunteers from all areas if the business joined the children of Crossley Street. A super tour of the premises and the opportunity to speak to enthusiastic Aon employees really supported Enabling Enterprise’s desire for students to make links between what they are learning in school and the workplace.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The group of Year 5 students, arriving from Crossley Street, with their first year of enterprise experiences to draw from, were excited to find out more about Aon and how they were to be challenged during this special workplace visit. For today’s task, to invest the hard-earned money of a special client, teams needed to show they could Listen Carefully, take account of fluctuations occurring on the ‘stock market’ and make reasoned decisions for the benefit of their client.

The Results:

The fast paced challenge certainly tested all of the young entrepreneurs – they needed to dig deep, using their Problem Solving skills and demonstrating their ability to stay positive as markets fluctuated. Utilising their Maths knowledge from school effectively, all teams were able to check their calculations, confident their client would be more than happy with the return on their investment! Aon volunteers were clearly impressed throughout the day, as enterprise points were awarded and the content of final presentations by all teams certainly put a smile on everyone’s faces. With guest judges the students had 4 chances to deliver and improve their well-constructed presentations before the winning team was decided upon. With judgements the judgements in and some amazing feedback there was just time for a quick visit from an ex-pupil of Crossley Street who had been working just feet away in the Aon offices!

What they said:

  • “It’s a great opportunity to step back and observe the children. It’s been fantastic to see the progress of the children throughout the year and throughout today.” Teacher, Crossley Street Primary School
  • “We were so impressed with the way the students worked together, they were so observant!” – Volunteer, Aon Leeds
  • ”I wish we’d have had something like this when I was at school!” – Volunteer, Aon Leeds
  • “I’m really proud of how we worked together to solve the problems. We had to stay really positive.” – Student, Crossley Street Primary School

Thanks to Aon, Leeds for such a great trip day, and to Years 5 students and staff from Crossley Street Primary School for your energy and enthusiasm throughout.

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