The School: Brackenbury Primary School

Brackenbury Primary School, based in Hammersmith, have been on the Enabling Enterprise Year Group Focus programme for five years. Each year, their Year 5 students experience enterprise through projects and challenge days to develop the core skills, in preparation for their Year 6 studies. The school has previously taken part in the Crime Scene challenge day and Number Crunching and Trash to Treasure projects.

The Challenge: Future Transport

Throughout the day, students had to research, design, build and then test a new form of transport for the future. Working in a Team, the Year 5 pupils would have to research four challenging environments, before sketching designs in pairs and Sharing their Ideas to the rest of the group. After break time, the students were quick to use their Problem Solving and Using Imagination skills, as they built their prototypes ready for thorough testing!

The Results:

The Year 5 students were quick to the task in the morning, busily researching existing forms of transport and how they could be useful in our four future environments. After researching and designing, the teams then began constructing their brand-new prototypes. Lots of Staying Positive and Problem Solving were required, as teams tried to recreate their 2D designs as 3D models. The day ended with an exciting trade fair, as parents and members of staff were treated to presentations about the new forms of transport and a reflection on the skills used throughout the day!

What they said:

  • “The resources were great and allowed us to really focus on pushing the skills with our students.” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “I didn’t think we’d be able to make a moving model by the end of the day – but now I’m really proud!” – Student, Year 5
  • “I feel more confident when working with different people and having to present in front of others.” – Student, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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