The School: Lilian Baylis Technology School

Lilian Baylis have been developing a programme of enterprise education with Enabling Enterprise since the year 2012-13. Their students have been honing in on eight core enterprise skills not only in class, through Lesson-Time Projects such as ‘Modern Marketing’, but also outside the classroom on a range of employer visits to top businesses across London. Today it was the turn of 32 Year 8 students to enter the world of civil law and take on the role of legal teams.

The Business: Weil, London

Founded in 1931, Weil has been a provider of legal services for more than 80 years. With head-quarters in New York City, they employ around 1,100 lawyers in 20 offices around the world, including 300 in their London offices. The students had the chance today to work with a range of people from across Weil including lawyers, legal secretaries, compliance advisors, IT specialists and researchers. The teams also had the chance to go out onto the viewing platform and see the amazing city skyline!

The Challenge: Ace Advocates

The students set up their own law firms and were then given a client in one of three high-profile cases. The new legal firms needed to use their Listening and Understanding skills to research into the case further and consider the needs of their clients. Using their Problem-Solving skills, they could then build their case before Presenting their ideas in a debate with their rival law firms with the view of reaching a compromise. The volunteers from Weil gave insights into how the teams could approach their cases, before helping them to prepare for their presentation in front of the judging panel.

The Results:

Throughout the day it was fantastic to see the students Working in a Team to effectively include everyone in their group and ensure they made careful notes to remember all the information they were presented with. The Weil employees were really impressed with how persuasive each team’s presentation was and also how adept they were at negotiating to reach a compromise their client would be happy with. Finally, it was brilliant to see teams in the culmination of the day using their Presenting skills to think carefully about the order of points in their speech and what emotive language to include.

What they said:

  • “The students will now have a better idea on what type of things go on in a law firm and some of the things lawyers do. They would also have learnt new skills, such as how to debate professionally and get their points across clearly. It’s also important for them to see how they can use third parties to settle an argument.” – Teacher, Lilian Baylis Technology School
  • “I was really impressed by their knowledge and the content of their presentations. A few hadn’t written a lot down and I wondered if they would know what to say, but it came from the heart and you could hear and see the passion in their arguments.” – Volunteer, Weil
  • “We have learnt to use other people’s ideas to give us a different perspective. We had to think of our clients and see what they wanted, before looking at the pros and cons of the information and deciding what was helpful and what was harmful to our case.” – Student, Lilian Baylis Technology School

Thanks to Weil for such a great trip day, and to Year 8 from Lilian Baylis for coming along and making it so enjoyable.

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