The Schools: Winns and Eversley Primaries

The Winns Primary School in Waltham Forest have been working with Enabling Enterprise for the second year running. This year they are developing key enterprise skills such as Problem Solving in their students through a project to design a video game based around their school. More recently they have shown extremely good Leading when creating their own political parties from scratch.
Eversley Primary School in Enfield may be in their first year of working with Enabling Enterprise, but the Lesson-Time Projects they have been working on enable their students to stretch their Working in a Team. For example, one of their projects is to help students across the school find the fun in being more active.

The Business: Metaswitch, London

Metaswitch is a UK-based company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets telecommunications hardware and software, solving complex communication issues for large organisations.

The Challenge: Tech-Xperts

The students split into teams to learn how computers communicate through algorithms and relate this to communication in the workplace. They explored the different barriers companies may face when communicating. They were then given their brief to design an app to aid communication for employees at Metaswitch. Once they had designed their app, its name and logo, they then presented their ideas in a Technology Exhibition.

The Results:

The students did not waste a moment – keen from the off to find out all they could about Metaswitch and the work of the volunteers who joined them. Questions relating to the business itself, their specific jobs and the essential skills required to work at Metaswitch were explored and a tour of the workplace ensured all students had a flavour of life at Metaswitch. Now armed with valuable information, the students were keen to then get creative. They came up with new app ideas to aid communication not only between employees within the office, but also for those working remotely from home and across the world in different time zones.

What they said:

  • “It’s lovely to give them the chance to work with another school and different children.” – Teacher, The Winns
  • “You could really see how confidently they can use the skills you talked about.” – Volunteer, Metaswitch
  • “It was fun. I wish we could this every day at school!” – Student, Eversley

Thanks to Metaswitch for such a great trip day, and to Years 5 and 6 from The Winns and Eversley Primary Schools for coming along.

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