The School: Duncombe Primary

In their 3rd year of working with Enabling Enterprise, these Year 5 students were already hot on the skills they would be applying for the day. Using their experience of projects they had run in school and a range of other trips Duncombe children had been on, they were ready to wow the volunteers at Carillion.

The Business: Carillion, London Kings Cross

Carillion plc is a British multinational construction services company headquartered in Wolverhampton. Working in the UK as well as Canada, the Middle East and the Caribbean, Carillion employs over 40,000 workers. Currently involved in the regeneration project in Kings Cross, Carillion brilliantly demonstrates how many different roles are involved in the world of construction.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

A tour of the Kings Cross development gave children inspiration for their challenge. Bravely climbing up the viewing tower to see the different buildings, from schools to offices and retail to restaurants, the children learnt how the space was used: not just for buildings but also parks and play areas too. Now these Year 5s were ready to think about their own brownfield development, in the town of Bogsby. Coming up with ideas about how to regenerate the area around Bogsby, the children were Listening Carefully to the needs of the community and were creative in their thinking about what would be a priority and what would be an added luxury.

The Results:

With every team thinking about all the different members of the community they were trying to help, they demonstrated excellent Problem Solving skills, and showed they had listened to everyone. Under the pressure of presenting their ideas to the volunteers from Carillion, the teams showed confidence and professionalism. With ideas about combining community centres with sports centres or ensuring that there was a school for young people, every team had a valid and thoughtful design. Reflecting on the skills they had developed, each team – quite rightly – felt particularly proud when Sharing Ideas so effectively.

What they said:

  • “It was great to give them the opportunity to see how the skills are used in a new environment.” – Teacher, Duncombe
  • “They had so many ideas and really built their confidence through the day, which was really nice to see” – Volunteer, Carillion
  • “I really liked seeing everything when we went up on the viewing platform and it was really good sharing my ideas with everyone.” – Student, Duncombe

Thanks to Carillion for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Duncombe Primary School for coming along.

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