The School: Bridge Academy

Bridge Academy have been working in partnership with UBS and Enabling Enterprise for a number of years to develop key enterprise skills. This time it was Year 10’s turn, as part of their year-long focus on employability and enterprise, as the day provided a timely opportunity for them to use and apply their skills to a new context and reflect on their strengths and areas they’d like to continue to develop through the rest of the year and beyond.

The Challenge: Social Entrepreneur

Supported by excellent volunteers from UBS throughout the day, the Social Entrepreneur Challenge Day saw students working in teams to set up their very own social enterprise which would solve a social issue in their local area. Teams looked at the problems faced by different groups in society before picking one problem to solve and suggesting innovative solutions. They then worked to develop the business plan and branding behind their social enterprise, before pitching their new concepts to the rest of their class and UBS volunteer for feedback.

The Results:

Students were really engaged with the idea of being able to use business and enterprise skills and apply it with the end goal of being social good, rather than profit. Teams were really thoughtful and empathetic in their discussions about the issues faced by the different groups of society they were helping. With the help of some tough questioning from their UBS volunteer, they used effective Problem Solving to think of creative solutions to real-life challenges. The day culminated in some brilliant news ideas, with eye-catching branding and impressive final persuasive pitches.

What they said:

  • “It was great to have the opportunity to do something different and explore an interesting topic and a creative approach to teaching and learning.” – Teacher, Year 10 Form Tutor
  • “I really enjoyed being able to come up with our own new ideas and business plan.” – Student, Year 10

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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