The School: Court Farm Primary School

Year 4 at Court Farm Primary, like other classes in the Erdington based school, Birmingham, are just beginning their Enabling Enterprise Lesson Time Projects. The class, specially selected to take part in a special first enterprise Challenge Day in school were to be the pioneer young entrepreneurs back in school, following a small group of Year 5 students taking part in an enterprise event with Enabling Enterprise in November.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

A special introductory assembly set the scene and it was clear from the outset that all were keen to make a great start. The class Listening Carefully heard how they had been set the challenge to design and make a new society on a far off moon in outer space. The challenge was embraced with great enthusiasm, choosing a suitable crew, designing a new animal and building their cities to persuade people to join them on their new moonbase.

The Results:

For a first experience of an enterprise challenge day the 8 and 9 year olds responded incredibly well to the fast paced day. From the off, thoughtful conversations were taking place as the potential crew candidates – their jobs and skills were discussed and decisions were made. Imaginations ran wild –animals that laid chocolate eggs and cupcakes, breathed fire to assist with cooking and provided protection from any ‘naughty aliens’ were created to inhabit their new moonbase. Teams, busy designing new exciting cities worked to tight deadlines, stayed positive to solve problems together and it was noted how engaged all students were in the challenge. Key skills were developing and some mature reflections indicated the students recognised what else needed to be done to ensure future challenges could be tackled equally successfully.

What they said:

  • “All of the children have been really interested in the challenges throughout the day. They were really motivated to earn points, showing they could use the enterprise skills and have worked well in their teams. I really enjoyed it too!” – Teacher, Year 4 Court Farm Primary School
  • “I am most proud of our imaginative ideas and how we shared them in our team.” – Student, Year 4 Court Farm Primary School
  • “This has been fun. Really Fun! We can work well in a team – when we concentrate.” – Student, Year 4 Court Farm Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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