The School: Grendon Primary School

Grendon Primary School are in their third year with Enabling Enterprise and the students are clearly developing their enterprise skills through their programme of Lesson-Time Projects, Challenge Days and business trips. Years 1 and 2 recently completed the Greetings Card challenge, proving that their young age was no barrier to being enterprising. Today in the real world at Lovell, it was the turn of Years 5 and 6 to put their skills to the test. They showed great enthusiasm from the onset and were raring to go.

The Business: Lovell, Birmingham

Founded in 1972 in Swindon, Lovell is a leading construction company building affordable homes in the UK. The company employs 1400 staff across 6 UK regions. A range of volunteers from the business were on hand to help the budding entrepreneurs from Grendon in this stretching construction challenge.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

After a fantastic tour of the Lovell offices and the different departments, including Quantity Surveying and Construction, they were set to work Using Imagination to come up with great team names for their own construction company. Working in a Team, the challenge for the students was to redevelop a brownfield site in the town of Bogsby and create a space that would meet the needs of the local people and benefit the environment. Before Sharing Ideas and deciding what they were going to construct, they learned about the needs of the people of Bogsby and had to think carefully about what was essential and what was desirable to have in the town.

The Results:

Teams created a plan of the buildings on the site, working against the clock but Aiming High. The day ended by a round of professional presentations from the students, who were Sharing Ideas not only with each other, but also with the 5 judges from Lovell.
Those were really impressed with the students’ creativity, teamwork and confidence. The teams had thought carefully about the wants and needs of the community and put together a persuasive pitch explaining why their planned site was the most suitable for the community. Their Leading skills were tested throughout the day and all students learnt what it meant to be an effective leader.

What they said:

  • “It’s been really engaging and rewarding for the children to put the enterprise skills into practice. The challenge has been really great; they have had the opportunity to be creative and practise their problem solving skills.” – Teacher, Grendon Primary School
  • “It’s been great! The students led themselves in their teams; you could tell they are very able in the skills.” – Volunteer, Lovell
  • “I loved learning about new things like the jobs here at Lovell. I enjoyed creating new names for our team and speaking in front of the judges with my team!” – Student, Grendon Primary School

Thanks to Lovell for such a great trip day, and to Years 5 and 6 from Grendon Primary School for coming along.

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