The School: St Mary’s Priory Catholic Primary School

Haringey-based St Mary’s, are in their third year of working with Enabling Enterprise. So far they have successfully completed a wide range of Challenge Days: for example, they have successfully set up their very own Greetings Card companies, planned for a new human colony on a distant planet, and even created original political parties from scratch. The school has already shown how keen they are on art and creativity, so today’s challenge was perfectly fitting, whilst putting the budding entrepreneurs’ skills to the test once more with gusto.

The Challenge: Creative Spaces

Teams were introduced to the challenge in an assembly explaining that as they were excellent at Using Imagination, they had been set the challenge of designing the best community arts centre for their local area. Students from the entire school, from Nursery through to Year 6, set off to come up with creative but practical designs, Working in a Team to ensure that every team member had a role and felt part of the design process. After designing and creating their arts centres, the students had to present their ideas to a planning committee with the intention of persuading them that their design would be the most ambitious and successful for the local area.

The Results:

The day was full of mini-challenges for all teams, but the students kept Aiming High and worked exceptionally well together, taking on various roles: from city planners to architects, to designers and builders. They created 3D models of their chosen community arts centre, Sharing Ideas and Listening Carefully to each other to make sure their project was unique and unrivalled. Teachers were thoroughly impressed with the enterprise skills in use in their classrooms. The students clearly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate and be creative together, so much so that many classes extended the project to the rest of the week!

What they said:

  • “I wish we could have lessons like this all the time: this is amazing! Who wouldn’t want to have them be creative like this and think outside the box? It’s perfect – for all the children. I’m a bit envious actually, because we didn’t have any of this when I was at school.” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “Today we have been very good at Problem Solving because when our building wasn’t sticking together I asked my team to help me and we stayed positive.” – Student, Year 2

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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