The School: Lilian Baylis Technology School

Lilian Baylis have been developing a programme of enterprise education with Enabling Enterprise since the year 2012-13. Their students have been honing in on eight core enterprise skills not only in class through Lesson-Time Projects such as ‘Modern Marketing’, but also outside the classroom on a range of employer visits to top businesses across London. Today it was the turn of 31 Year 8 to put their Working in a Team and Problem Solving to the test in the real world of work as they took on a finance-related challenge.

The Business: UBS, London

UBS is a global bank, providing services in over 50 countries. Specialising in Wealth Management and Global Asset Management they provide services for high net worth individuals, private, corporate, and institutional clients all over the world. Worldwide, UBS employs 60,099 people who speak more than 130 languages and are citizens of 135 countries. The Lilian Baylis students had ever such a lot to look forward to in these brand new smart premises, fit to inspire them on their financial challenge.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The pupils faced a tough challenge: could they play the stock market and win? A fantastic tour of UBS set the scene for the teams of 12- and 13-year olds, including visits to the meeting rooms and finance teams, as well as giving an insight into how UBS promotes active, healthy lifestyles by showcasing the gym and canteen. Inspired by this, it was time for the students to take on the role of would-be traders for the day.

The teams needed to be Listening Carefully to the information provided on their client, Dr Taylor, and keep Aiming High in order to make their client as much money as possible on the stock market. With just a few hours of trading time available, they needed to use all their Problem Solving skills in order to manage the risks involved in the stock market. As the pressure increased, students were challenged to use skills such as Using Imagination and Leading in order to make sure their team made the best investments they could by the end of the day. Above all, Staying Positive was crucial as the stock markets are not always easy to predict!

The Results:

Working within very tight deadlines, the Lilian Baylis students stretched their resilience and teamwork to the highest standard. As the stock exchange closed trading for the day, the pupils had one last task: they had to demonstrate their Presenting skills by reporting back to UBS staff, who would later inform Dr Taylor of their fortunes in the world of trading. It was their opportunity to reflect on the success of their investments, but more importantly on how well they had worked as a team and supported one another throughout the day. They made it tough for the judges to decide who the winning team was as they all excelled at Aiming High and Staying Positive, showing great resilience throughout.

What they said:

  • “It was hard work but it was fun! Being a trader isn’t easy but I think it’s something I’d like to do one day.” – Student, Lilian Baylis
  • “I was impressed by the knowledge of trading on display, especially the evidence of client research and how that was brought into the decision-making.” – Volunteer, UBS
  • “The thing I am going to take from today is Staying Positive. We used it a lot today and I will be doing that more in the future.” – Student, Lilian Baylis

Thanks to UBS for such a great trip day, and to Year 8 from Lilian Baylis Technology School for coming along and making it such a memorable day.

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