The School: St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School

Year 5 students from St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School in Barnet are developing their Enterprise skills through the ‘Number Games’, ‘Going Live’ and ‘Active Minds’ projects in the classroom. Today, ten of these students had the opportunity to further their skill development in a new legal context and will share their experiences with the rest of their peers when they return to school.

The Business: McMillan Williams, London

McMillan Williams Solicitors is one of the largest solicitor firms in the south of England. Established for almost 30 years with branches in London, Croydon, the South East and South West of England. They undertake a broad range of work including Probate and Professional Negligence, Family Law, Actions Against the Police and Criminal Law.

The Challenge: Ace Advocates

Students professionally introduced themselves to their McMillan Williams volunteers, and were keen to show they were Aiming High in all aspects of today’s challenge. An insightful tour of the firm sparked the aspirations of the students and reflected the high standard of the day to come. The students Listened Carefully to the volunteers from different departments and thought of excellent follow-up questions to further their understanding and develop their vocabulary.

It was no surprise then that they accepted their challenge for the day with gusto: to become law firms and negotiate on behalf of their clients. Each team was assigned a client they were to advocate for, and given their case file to read through. By Listening Carefully and Sharing their Ideas, each would-be law firm was able to record the most helpful arguments for their case with support from their excellent volunteers.

The Results:

By the afternoon, each team had thought about a sensible compromise to offer the opposing law firm in the hope of compromising and reaching a fair agreement. There was a buzz of excitement as the students prepared to negotiate confidently and persuasively. With some further advice from McMillan Williams volunteers, the students practised to ensure they presented effective arguments that were influential yet open for discussion. The opposing teams then faced each other to attempt to settle on a fair compromise within limited time. The teams managed to agree on a compromise which would be satisfactory for their respective clients.

What they said:

  • “The children developed a good understanding of the complex role of solicitors.” – Teacher, St Catherine’s Catholic Primary
  • “Both teams worked very well at justifying their compromise which showed they listened to each other’s opinions.” – Volunteer, McMillan Williams
  • “I was very proud that we were able to compromise as a whole team.” – Student, St Catherine’s Catholic Primary
  • Thanks to McMillan Williams for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School for coming along and making it so enjoyable.

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