The School: Grendon Primary School

Grendon Primary School from Birmingham are in their third year with Enabling Enterprise and have been developing their Enterprise Skills through Lesson-Time Projects, employer visits to businesses such as Years 5 and 6 to BHSF last term, and Challenge Days in school. Last year, Key Stage 1 completed Operation Moonbase and were keen to show off their Enterprise Skills in their new Greetings Card Challenge!

The Challenge: Greetings Cards

Students were set the challenge of Sharing Ideas and Working in a Team
to design and make their own greetings cards. Using Imagination, they decided on team names for their card company to make them really stand out and then worked together in their teams to come up with themes and designs that included everyone’s fantastic ideas. It was then time to put their plans into action and manufacture their cards whilst Aiming High using their exciting resources they had purchased from the EE Shop.

The Results:

Everyone worked really hard in their team to produce as many cards as they could to earn their team EE Stars. Leading skills were used by the children to motivate and encourage each other. At the end of the day all teams presented their cards to the rest of the class and reflected on all the skills they had used in the challenge.

What they said:

  • “The children’s Sharing Ideas and Using Imagination skills have really improved over the day.” – Teacher, Year 1
  • ” Are we doing this the rest of the day? I really wish we could do this challenge tomorrow as well!” – Student, Year 2

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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