The School: The Winns Primary

The Winns Primary School, located in Waltham Forest, are in their second year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Their enterprise education programme for this year includes a range of Employer visits to put their enterprise skills to the test in the world of work. Last term Year 6 impressed fashion retailers White Stuff in an exciting invention challenge. Last year, the whole school took part in a memorable double Challenge Day, which stretched their Problem Solving as well as their Working in a Team skills. And so today was the chance for the whole of Key Stages 1 and 2 to shine once more, this time in a political challenge.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

It was clear from the beginning that The Winns had set the bar high in terms of knowledge and ambition in all things politics. In a special assembly, children were challenged to create their own political party from scratch, devise their own manifestos, generate campaign materials and ultimately present at hustings before a final ballot! Those young minds had to tackle some of the big problems in our society, such as how to improve the education sector, healthcare system or environment. Using Imagination as well as Sharing Ideas within their team, they were able to come up with a plan of action to improve life in their communities and in the country at large.

The Results:

The Winns’ students impressed teachers and EE staff alike in their group decision-making skills. The policies they came up with, along with the detailed manifestos and the campaign materials they created were a real testament to their Problem Solving and Aiming High skills. Throughout the day, it was no surprise then that school adults were awarding all the teams with points for their enterprise skills on the scoreboards. The suspense was tangible when teachers had to announce to results of the election, and in more than one class, the would-be politicians did such a great job of convincing their peers that students had to take a second vote to clear the ballot!

What they said:

  • “Some of their ideas really blew my mind!” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “There was definitely an increase in confidence for some of them.” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “I wish we could do this every day. I love being a politician!” – Student, Year 6
  • “When I am older, I want to be the Prime Minister.” – Student, Year 2

Congratulations to all budding politicians and to the staff from The Winns Primary School for such a great day!

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