The School: Immanuel College

Immanuel College is situated in the Bradford district and has just moved into its second year of working with Enabling Enterprise, owing to its partnership with PwC. Once again, the Year 8 students were set the challenge of Operation Moonbase with a particular school focus upon developing the three enterprise skills: Staying Positive, Aiming High and Problem Solving.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

As a true test to the students’ Enterprise Skills, the groups were put into teams to design and build a new society on a distant moon and learn about different jobs in our society. Problem Solving and Staying Positive were the focus of the morning as the students had to deliberate over who would be their crew and what would be the laws of their new civilisation. As the afternoon challenges faced them, the teams were encouraged to continue Aiming High as they began design and building their society under tough time restrictions. The ultimate test of their Enterprise Skills came with their pitches as the teams’ judgements swayed the skills scoreboards to determine who was crowned the day’s winners.

The Results:

The drive and determination quickly picked up pace throughout the day as the students became eager to show that they were Staying Positive, Aiming High and Problem Solving. Therefore, the decision of who should be award five bonus points became a difficult task as the students were clearly Working in a Team to encourage each other to use their Enterprise Skills and get the most of out the day’s challenge. The scoreboards were close and student judging of the presentations only increased the desire to be crowned the winning team but it was evident, as the day drew to a close, that all students had been winners, having taken away a greater desire and understanding of the importance of Staying Positive, Aiming High and Problem Solving.

What they said:

  • “It has been great to get to know the students in a different light and see them excel in something exciting.” – Teacher, Year 8 Tutor
  • “We now understand that staying positive is about encouraging each other and problem solving can be achieved by listening to everyone’s ideas.” – Student, Year 8

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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