The School: Lander Road

Lander Road Primary School in Bootle is working with Enabling Enterprise for the first time this year. Their school motto “From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow” fits perfectly with Enabling Enterprise’s Challenge Skills, especially Aiming High. The staff and pupils arrived on the day excited and determined to create the best political party they could.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

The challenge for the day was to prove that Working in a Team was the most effective way to create an exciting new political party that reflected the needs and wants of their local community. After they had discussed and decided who would be best at Leading their group, they had to choose a dynamic name that would attract voters, and which reflected what their party stood for. Then began the difficult tasks of writing a manifesto, agreeing on party colours, writing catchy slogans and designing eye catching logos using their chosen party colours. It called upon the pupils to show their Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas skills to make sure that they considered a range of perspectives and communicated their ideas most effectively.

The Results:

KS1 learned about the different types of voting and discussed the pros and cons of every person having a vote compared to voting as a group. Meanwhile, KS2 staged their own class debates proving that they were excellent at Problem Solving by responding to the points and arguments of their class mates on the spot. Once they understood the way political debate worked, they got going on deciding what issues their party wanted to tackle. It was amazing to see and hear how they could apply Using Imagination in order to improve such important issues as hospitals, the military and care for the elderly. They also had the freedom to include issues they felt passionate about such as education and the environment. Next came the stash; rosettes and posters to communicate their party name and manifesto. The day culminated with the hustings. Each team took it in turns to pitch their ideas to the rest of the class in order to earn their peers’ vote. After each group had spoken the ballot opened and it was time for the pupils to vote. It was a fabulous day and the young politicians proved they were experts at Staying Positive in order to get the task done and give the those in Westminster a run for their money!

What they said:

  • “We’ve discovered some hidden talents in our class today. It was great to see students are normally quiet and timid took on leadership roles within their group and blossomed. Likewise pupils who are normally very boisterous really took the role of leader seriously and stepped up to the role and led their teams fantastically.” – Teacher, Year 6
  • “At the start of the day some groups found it really difficult to work together as a team but as the day went on they really showed progress and were smiling and supporting each other through the tasks.” – Teacher, 5
  • “I was so impressed with how creative the pupils were, they linked all their ideas together to make persuasive speeches which gave the others in the class something to think about.” – Teacher, 5
  • “The day helped to develop the literacy skills of the pupils, in discussion all pupils were confident in using the new vocabulary and they supported one another in writing and reading their speeches.” – Teacher, 5
  • “We had a fantastic leader, she asked us all what we thought and made sure we all knew what to do. She never shouted at us and always said everything in a nice voice.” – Student, Year 3

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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