The School: Curwen Primary and Nursery School

Curwen Primary and Nursery School is a Partner Primary school that has been working alongside Enabling Enterprise to develop students’ enterprise skills for the past 5 years. So far this year, students in Year 5 have applied these skills on trips to UEL and London City Airport. Over the course of the year, each student will take part in three projects where they will learn about the importance of Working in a Team and Aiming High. The Autumn term projects culminate in a very special day where parents are invited into school for The Big Sell-Off!

The Challenge: The Big Sell-Off

On one of the most exciting days of the year at Curwen, students across the whole school come together to prepare for the afternoon’s Big Sell-Off extravaganza! Raising money for charity, the teams of students work tirelessly through the morning, grasping an understanding of profit and what makes really good customer service. After break, they move on to preparing their stalls and finalising the products and services that they will be selling to customers later in the day. While EYFS and Year 1 make and sell all things festive, Year 2 set up stalls selling creative keyrings and bespoke biscuits. Years 3 and 5 support a healthy lifestyle through setting up healthy food stalls and running fitness classes respectively. Meanwhile, Year 4 opt to market their very own chocolate creations including crispy choco-rice cakes. Throughout the day, Year 6 run two performances of Hamlet, whilst selling drinks and snacks for the show and marketing their remaining tickets across the school as well!

The Results:

During the morning, it was great to see children across the whole school applying the enterprise skills they have been developing throughout the term to this final challenge. It was fantastic to welcome so many parents and family members into school in the afternoon; the buzz around school was incredible! We witnessed some really fantastic marketing from Key Stage 2, who made sure to send sales representatives round to each classroom to promote their products and special offers. Down in Key Stage 1, one Year 2 class had sold out of pre-decorated biscuits within 30 minutes so demonstrated great Problem Solving and Staying Positive skills and developed a new strategy to promote their ‘Decorate Your Own Biscuit’ station. Students showed great ingenuity throughout the Big Sell-Off, including bagging up and selling unwanted crusts from pre-cut sandwiches for 10p, marketing them as bird feed. Year 4 demonstrated excellent Using Imagination, coming up with chocolate-themed renditions of your favourite Christmas songs, complete with dance routines!

What they said:

  • “Today has gone really well. I think the children have got so much out of this experience and to see so many parents in school is really brilliant” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “We are definitely going to need to be listening carefully today because if we give the customer the wrong thing we won’t end up making the most profit” – Student, Year 4
  • “I think that staying positive is so important today because we have got to always have a smile on our face for good customer service” – Student, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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