The School: William Tyndale Primary School

William Tyndale Primary School in Islington have been working with Enabling Enterprise for several years to develop their students’ key enterprise skills such as Using Imagination and Working in a Team. Already this year several students have been out on business trips to put their enterprise skills to the test in the workplace alongside professional grown-ups. Today it was the turn of some lucky Year 5 students to shine in the world of construction as they took part in a stretching enterprise challenge.

The Business: Multiplex, London

Multiplex is a leading global contractor with expertise across the entire property sector, delivering landmark property and infrastructure assets for more than 50 years. They create large-scale and complex landmark buildings, commercial structures and infrastructure projects and work in Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Canada. The students had the chance to meet volunteers from different parts of the business including sustainability and construction. They were also taken on a tour of the office, given the opportunity to try out the safety outfits that the Multiplex employees where on site and they were shown the building being developed next door.

The Challenge: Brilliant Builds

The area of Bogsby has an empty site in the centre of the community. Working in a Team, the challenge for the students was to redevelop this land and create a space that would benefit the local people and the environment. Before Sharing Ideas and deciding on what they were going to construct, the teams needed to look at the needs of the people of Bogsby and also had to ensure that the new development was environmentally friendly. After building a model of their planned building space, the teams then ended the day by presenting their ideas to a judging panel.

The Results:

The William Tyndale teams spent the afternoon building their model for their redevelopment in Bogsby. They showed excellent Listening Carefully throughout the building phase by ensuring they asked everyone in their team where the different buildings should go and who wanted to build each area. Finally, the teams had to present back their redevelopment to the Multiplex judges and they did so very persuasively, showing excellent progress in their Sharing Ideas skill.

What they said:

  • “There are a lot of children who have surprised me today. I have seen some amazing leadership skills.” – Teacher, William Tyndale Primary School
  • “I was only meant to be here for the morning but I couldn’t keep away. We as volunteers also get a lot out of this experience.” – Volunteer, Multiplex
  • “I really liked how everyone got the chance to be a leader today. Usually the same person always steps up as leaders, but today we all got to show how we can be leaders in different ways.” – Student, William Tyndale Primary School

Thanks to Multiplex for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from William Tyndale for coming along.

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