The School: Priestmead Primary School

Harrow-based Priestmead Primary have been developing core enterprise skills for the second year running with Enabling Enterprise. They have done this not only as individual classes in Lesson-Time Projects, but also as a whole school, for example on their memorable Crime Scene Challenge recently. As part of their enterprise education, Priestmead have also visited several businesses across London to put those enterprise skills to the test in the world of work, and so were ready to tackle another day involving Working in a Team. Today a selection of Key Stage 2 students from Year 4 to Year 6 were in the spotlight for a unique challenge that stretches even grown-ups’ Problem Solving skills.

The Business: Exterion Media, London

Exterion Media is a leading Outdoor Media owner, engaging UK’s urban audiences. Their ads are seen by 47.4 million people every week on London Underground, Buses, Westfield and National Rail. Today a range of volunteers were on hand to help the budding entrepreneurs hone in on Sharing Ideas, including some true experts in Human resources (HR), which was perfect for today’s challenge. Let’s see how the teams got on.

The Challenge: Recruitment Race

The students were set the challenge of filling three job vacancies at Exterion Media: a new cleaner, finance manager and receptionist were needed. A fantastic tour of the brand new offices helped the Primary entrepreneurs gain an insight into Exterion Media, with invaluable inside knowledge they would put to use later in their challenge. The four teams of mixed age students then spent some time thinking about what skills and attributes the perfect Exterion employee might have, before carefully watching and reviewing a series of interviews: six possible candidates for the three jobs, but only one final hiring decision as a group.

The Results:

After supporting the students fantastically throughout the day, the Exterion volunteers then turned into judges for the final part of the challenge, where they were particularly impressed by the high standard of the teams’ presentations. Students explained their choices, including detailed reasons why they had selected each candidate and using persuasive language to win over the judges. It was a tough decision for the adults to pick the most convincing team.

What they said:

  • “The day was very well organised, with well-paced, engaging activities. The volunteers were welcoming and the company was engaging with the children. I think after today’s real life experience of an office they have gained in confidence, teamwork skills and presenting skills too. A great day!” – Teacher, Priestmead
  • “It was all absolutely seamless. And we got as much out of this as the kids did!” – Volunteer, Exterion Media
  • “It brings out the leaders in them… but also by the end of the day, even the quieter ones were speaking as much: the whole point of the day is really for them.” – Volunteer, Exterion Media
  • “I really liked the open environment that has empowered them to do that.” – Volunteer, Exterion Media
  • “Your presentation was extremely fluid and you were great in your team decisions.” – Volunteer, Exterion Media
  • “If you want a job, come and work for us when you’re older!” – Volunteer, Exterion Media

Thanks to Exterion Media for such a superb trip day, and to Years 4, 5 and 6 from Priestmead Primary School for coming along.

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