The School: St John and St James CofE Primary School

St John and St James CofE Primary School, located in the London Borough of Enfield is a Partner Primary school in their fourth year working with Enabling Enterprise. Across the whole school, teachers have been developing their students’ enterprise skills through their lesson-time projects, including Brilliant Books in Year 4. Today was an excellent opportunity for all students from EYFS through to Year 6 to take part in a challenge day: while Key Stage 1 explored space through Operation Moonbase, Key Stage 2 got to work trying to solve a dastardly crime.

The Challenge: Crime Scene Investigation and Moonbase Challenge

In Operation Moonbase, students worked together to explore space through a series of activities. Sharing Ideas was needed when thinking about the crew members that would be most useful, Using Imagination was shown when teams designed a brand new species of animal and the buildings needed in Utopia. It was great to see Nursey and Early Years getting involved and focusing on developing the Working in a Team skill through making decisions about the items needed for their journey into space to making rockets that would launch them off on their way.

For the Crime Scene challenge, students worked in teams to help the police detectives solve the case of the Sugar Snatcher, who had stolen all the chocolate from the school kitchen. After looking at fingerprint analysis and listening to audio tapes of the four suspects, teams work hard Problem Solving and Sharing Ideas about the case. Detectives take the students around the crime scene and the teams look at statements from the suspects and a witness. In the afternoon, students prepare case files and evidence boards detailing who they think is the guilty party.

The Results:

In Key Stage 1 and Early Years, students excelled when preparing to present their space rockets and new cities to the rest of their class.

Up in Key Stage 2, hawk-eyed students vigilantly searched for more evidence at the Crime Scene before compiling all the evidence into excellent reports that they fed back to the Case Officer at the end of the day. Students demonstrated excellent Problem Solving by evaluating all the evidence and asking each other for help. The day ended with a shocking confession from one of the suspects who could not contain their guilt any longer!

What they said:

  • “We’ve been trying to focus on collaboration in Nursery today and they’ve really enjoying thinking about this space theme.” – Teacher, Nursery
  • “We’ve worked together by taking turns and listening to each other.” – Student, Year 1
  • “I think it’s important that they’ve been able to challenge each other’s ideas today.” – Teacher, Year 4
  • “Working in a team kind of links to sharing ideas because if you were on your own then you wouldn’t be able to help each other and you’d just be struggling.” – Student, Year 5

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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