The School: St Mary’s Priory Catholic Infant and Junior Schools

St Mary’s RC Priory are in their fourth year working with Enabling Enterprise to develop enterprise skills across the curriculum. Today, students across both schools prepared for lift off and worked in teams to design, create and model their Utopian cities.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

At the start of the day, students gathered in the hall to hear their challenge brief: to design a new civilisation on a distant moon called Utopia! They thought carefully about the skills required to successfully launch a mission to Utopis and build a new society.

Back in class, students got into teams and worked together to choose the best crew by analysing the pros and cons of different career specialists in helping them to establish their new moon colony. Then, they used lots of imagination to create brand new species of animals to live with them on Utopia and support civilians in their new lives. Finally, students applied their Problem Solving skills to design and build giant city maps to show off their ideas for how different buildings might be useful to a new society.

The Results:

Across the whole school students were earning lots of points for their Problem Solving and creativity. The quality of the final creations demonstrated how effectively students had been Working in a Team and Sharing Ideas. Teams in the junior school showed excellent leadership through delegating tasks to each member of the group and were able to explain how important the challenge skills had been throughout the day. Meanwhile, students in Key Stage 1 were Using Imagination to design rockets, draw planets and build 3D models of their new societies.

What they said:

  • “If only we could have lessons like this all day every day – I love it and they love it! They can sometimes be a bit squabbly but it’s so great to see them all completely focused and engaged” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “This has been the best day of my life because it has been so much fun” – Student, Year 2

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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