The School: Gilbertstone Primary School

Gilbertstone Primary School in South Yardley, Birmingham are a school committed to creating as many opportunities as possible for all of their students to develop essential enterprise skills. After lesson-time project experiences, whole-school challenge days and exciting visits out to businesses over the last couple of years, the whole school, from early years to Year 6 were keen to find out about their Future Transport Challenge.

The Challenge: Future Transport

Throughout the day, from early morning assemblies, until the afternoon bell, teams in each year group demonstrated great collaborative and communication skills as they had to research, design, build and test a new form of transport for the future. Students considered different vehicles and a variety of challenging environments, before sharing ideas to design and build their own imaginative vehicle. The creative prototypes, made from recycled materials were certainly eye catching!

The Results:

It was a delight to hear even some of the very youngest students at Gilbertstone in Reception classrooms talking about the skills they were using as they engaged in a variety of activities during their free flow enterprise experiences. The purposeful ‘buzz’ around the school, with engaged and enthused young entrepreneurs, supported by teachers highlighting and rewarding skills meant that the atmosphere was incredibly positive. By the time final presentations were shared, rounds of applause could be heard down the corridors.

What they said:

  • “The challenge today has caught the attention of some of our children who can struggle to stay focussed. They wanted to keep working during playtime…that doesn’t usually happen!” – Year 1Teacher Gilbertstone Primary,
  • “I feel more confident in my team now – more than I was in Year 1. I share my ideas and stay positive.” – Year 2 Student, Gilbertstone Primary
  • “I know I am a good team member now. I stay calm if there is a problem and help my team mates come up with a solution. I love using my enterprise skills.” – Year 6 Student, Gilbertstone Primary

Well done to all Gilbertstone’s enterprising students and teachers for a fabulous day. It was a pleasure to see you using your skills together.

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