The Schools: Eversley Primary and The Winns Primary

The Winns Primary School, based in Walthamstow, have been working on developing key enterprise skills for three years. They have done this through Lesson-Time Projects, Challenge Days (including an exciting Double Challenge Day last year!) and visits to top employers. Today, a selection of Year 5 students were in the spotlight as they were keen to put their Staying Positive and Problem Solving skills to the test in the world of work.

Eversley Primary are just at the beginning of their first year with Enabling Enterprise and are keen to raise the aspirations of their students, as well as teaching them the key enterprise skills, through business trips and will be taking part in their first Challenge Day in the New Year. Year 6 students have also made a great start to their Legal Eagles projects recently in the classroom. Today’s students from Years 5 and 6 were keen to learn more about the financial world in this exciting challenge.

Let’s see how both schools got on.

The Business: UBS, London

UBS is a global financial services company, specializing in wealth management, asset management and investment banking. UBS, originally an abbreviation for the Union Bank of Switzerland, can trace its origins back to the mid-19th Century. Today, they provide services for private, corporate and institutional clients in over 50 countries. The students were supported throughout the day by seven very helpful and enthusiastic volunteers from different areas of the business, including interest rate trading and selling.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The pupils faced a tough challenge: could they play the stock market and win?! After a fantastic tour of UBS – which included visits to the trading room, meeting rooms and the international finance teams – it was time to start the challenge. The teams needed to be Listening Carefully to the information provided and keep Aiming High in order to make their client as much money as possible on the stock market. With just a few hours of trading time available, they needed to use all their Problem Solving skills in order to manage the risks involved in the stock market. As the pressure increased, students were challenged to use skills such as Using Imagination and Leading in order to make sure their team made the best investments they could by the end of the day. Above all, they needed to Stay Positive, as the stock markets are not always easy to predict!

The Results:

As the stock exchange closed trading for the day, the pupils had one last task; they had to demonstrate their Sharing Ideas skills by presenting back to the other schools and the UBS staff. It was their opportunity to reflect on the success of their investments but more importantly on how well they had worked as a team and supported one another throughout the day! They made it tough for the judges to decide who the winning team was as they all excelled at Aiming High and Staying Positive, showing great resilience throughout.

What they said:

  • “A really packed and enjoyable day. The students will take so much away from today.” – Teacher, Eversley Primary School
  • “It made me think how I put what I do in layman’s terms and how we talk to clients.” – Volunteer, UBS
  • “It was really exciting to make money for our client. I want to work here when I’m older.” – Student, Eversley Primary School
  • “My staying positive skills were really tested today but I really enjoyed the challenge and working with new friends.” – Student, The Winns Primary School

Thanks to UBS for such a great trip day, and to The Winns and Eversley for coming along and making it so memorable.

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