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Nov2011 25

Events galore this week with PWC offices in Uxbridge and Charing Cross hosting challenges (not to mention the one in Birmingham) with fantastic support from their volunteers.

Up in Uxbridge a class of Year 8 Abbotsfield students showed us how teamwork really should be done! Starting off the day with an already impressive knowledge of what makes a good team, the students had an opportunity to put it into practice with their challenge to design and make Christmas cards that would be sold to make a profit. Presentations were then judged and given extremely insightful feedback from PWC employees, with the winning team succeeding by demonstrating their passion for their business.

Over in the Charing Cross offices, Year 12 students were also busy developing products that they could sell making a profit. With a strong understanding of teamwork, these students had to focus on the concept and branding of their cards, ensuring that their presentations showed how they had developed their concept. Having had the opportunity to ask the volunteers about the work at PWC and what led them to work there, it was great to see the students recognising that they were developing important skills through this challenge, and the Enabling Enterprise course as a whole.

Overall the PWC events were a roaring success, with students of all ages (and only one girl between them) competing with each to succeed in teamwork, presentation and creativity. And they even managed to have some fun too!

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