The Schools: Our Lady’s Catholic Primary and Summerfield Primary School

Two schools joined forces today on a West Midlands enterprise challenge; a lucky few Year 4 and Year 5 students from Our Lady’s buddied up with a group of Key Stage 2 students from Summerfield Primary. Both schools are respectively in their third and second year of working with Enabling Enterprise. They have been expertly developing the all-important enterprise skills not only through a variety of Challenge Days and visits to top employers, but also for some of the students in an extensive range of Lesson-Time Projects. Today, those skills were being put to the test in the world of work; let’s see how they got on.

The Business: Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport offers both domestic flights within the UK, and international flights to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, North America and the Caribbean. The Flight School on the top floor of the Learning Hub offers a unique and exciting learning environment where the airport runways and associated activities can be viewed. Today, volunteers Ellen, Abby and Andy were on hand to help the young entrepreneurs hone in on Problem Solving and Using Imagination.

The Challenge: High Fliers

The day started with an informative tour of the airport, including some crucial market research that would come in handy for today’s challenge. Students in their mixed teams were then set the challenge of rebranding a failing airline. Each team aimed high to work effectively together, factoring in their target market and coming up with brilliant plans to re-brand ‘Ageing Airways’.

The Results:

Working to tight deadlines, the children rose to the challenge as they impressed all adults in the room with their original ideas and branding. They came up with catchy slogans and logos and put together some fantastic marketing plans for their rebranded airline. At the end of the day, following a showdown of confident presentations in a Dragons’ Den style, the volunteers, now turned judges, had the tricky task of picking a winning team. One thing was for sure: all students walked away with the pride of having taken their teamwork to the next level.

What they said:

  • “The day was smooth, very organised, very engaging and the staff were friendly.” – Teacher, Our Lady’s
  • “I think the students gained a lot of confidence after today’s experience, especially some of our quieter pupils. They showed great team work with strangers.” – Teacher, Summerfield
  • “I liked how you went out of your comfort zone with your target audience – that was unique. Plus, your poster would look good in an airport terminal.” – Volunteer, Birmingham Airport
  • “You were very grown up in the way you worked together. Also, when I saw the amount of detail you put in your poster, I thought WOW!” – Volunteer, Birmingham Airport
  • “The best thing about today is that we made sure everyone was included the whole time.” – Student, Summerfield
  • “I think our team was really good at Using Imagination, and we were helpful to each other in the whole of the challenge.” – Student, Our Lady’s

Thanks to Birmingham Airport for such a great trip day, and to Years 4 and 5 from Our Lady’s Catholic Primary and Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 from Summerfield Primary School for coming along.

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