Enabling Enterprise and City and Islington College both had a fantastic time at the first Argent event on Wednesday. Responsible for the 10-year King’s Cross redevelopment project, Argent gave the students fantastic insight into the complexities of such a process.

Making use of the engineering background most of the volunteers admitted to, the students were then engaged in building the sturdiest and yet most beautiful bridge possible with the resources sold at Alice’s Bazaar (newspaper, gluesticks, colouring pens and few other similar bits and bobs….)

One volunteer was particularly impressed with a student’s initiative in planning the bridge – he recreated a bridge he had built on a computer game! Remembering what he had learnt about making a bridge strong, Leith applied it to his team’s design, producing a plan for something that surpassed anything the volunteers had expected.

Despite hairy moments where the question as to whether any bridges would be completed was raised…careful planning and effective teamwork led all teams to successfully meet the brief. All the students came away from the day inspired by the work that Argent does, and suitably proud of the work they had produced in their teams. Regina, their Enabling Enterprise teacher, was hugely impressed with the roles that the students took on, with certain students surprising her with previously hidden leadership abilities.

It was a fantastic day with so much learnt by all, and leaving students, teachers, Enabling Enterprise and Argent smiling ear-to-ear.

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