As teachers, wherever we are in the world, we all want the best for our students. We want them to have high aspirations, a strong understanding of the wider world, and the skills to achieve their goals.

GEMS FirstPoint School in Dubai is one of three GEMS schools working with Enabling Enterprise, to ensure that their students leave school fully prepared for the ever-changing future and the world of work. Each year group is running an exciting enterprise project in class which ranges from setting up an Art Gallery in Year 1, complete with security guards and tour guides, to designing and making products from recycled materials to sell at a trade fair. These projects focus on providing the students with an opportunity to work in teams, use their creativity and problem solving skills as well as developing plenty of resilience along the way.

Henry McVittie, Y2 Teacher and Enterprise Coordinator, explained that the need to prepare their students for the rapidly changing demands of the 21st Century had led them to working with Enabling Enterprise. When reflecting on the first projects of the year, it was great to hear what both the children and their parents took away from this experience. “The children show a real pride in their work. Their presentation skills have dramatically improved since so many of the projects contain a presentational element. The parents have loved the celebration events at the end of the term projects. They were impressed by the children’s ability to use business terms, their pride in their work and the closeness of the teams.”

Enabling Enterprise provide schools with access to the Skills Builder tool which allows teachers to track their students’ skill development to ensure they are on the trajectory for success at the end of school; suitably equipped with skills that employers are calling out for in school leavers. As Henry explained, “we have used the skills assessment tool to track the children progress in the challenge skills. Schools who have already moved away from National Curriculum levels would benefit from using the skills assessment. We wanted to be able to explain the holistic progress of the children rather than just reading, writing and maths levels to their parents.”

Things have got off to a great start at GEMS FirstPoint, but there is a lot more to come: The whole school will be running their ‘Creative Spaces’ Challenge Day in January where all classes will take on an exciting enterprise challenge to design a new arts centre for their local area. Along with their regular enterprise challenges and lessons, the children really are on the trajectory for success.

If you would like to get involved as an International School, please find out more about our programmes by clicking here or by emailing us here.

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