Our first event hosted by the international media communications company OMD gave Year 11 Media students from City of London Academy Islington a fantastic hands on experience of how media works in the professional world. Taking place over two sessions the event was a eye-opening experience for all the students and got them seriously thinking!

Students were privileged to be given a tour of their new offices, a stylish warehouse conversion that houses the international faction of OMD, Volunteers then took the time out to explain how media really works – sharing inside knowledge about how to develop a marketing and strategy campaign.
The question of the hour was what comes first – the medium or the egg? Students got thinking about the problem that constantly arises in the world of branding and advertising – do you come up with a concept for your advert first, or think about what format the advertising will take?

Students then went on to develop their own strategy for a Levi’s jeans campaign – a campaign that the company are currently involved in. COLA-I students were challenged to consider how they could draw in the ‘conventional’ and the ‘progressive’ audiences, developing mood boards to explore the different groups’ interests.

Over the second session students built on their ideas to develop imaginative and complex strategies, meeting the brief set by OMD. Supported by the OMD volunteers, who encouraged the students to be as creative as possible (the budget was limitless after all….!), the students’ ideas became incredibly sophisticated. Encourgaging people to buy the jeans and tweet photos of themselves in them, to win tickets to gigs by famous singers. The famous singers were used again on print adverts that guided customers to the website, where the competition was also advertised….they had thought it all through!

The winning team encouraged online shoppers to either buy online or to try on in the store where they would be guided through a treasure hunt that led them to meet Lady Gaga. And they presented their idea through a role play! The volunteers were suitably impressed with the students’ zeal and imaginative thought – enough to present the student who showed the most progress with a Playstation Play!

Well done COLA-I and thank you to OMD – the next event is already being keenly anticipated by all.

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