Once again, TSLA welcomes Enabling Enterprise through its doors to begin another exciting year of secondary Enterprise Education for the students at The South Leeds Academy. Following two fantastic years of embedding the enterprise skills, the students will take part in a range of projects, a challenge day and trips to employers that continue to develop the eight core enterprise skills.

  • Aiming High and Staying Positive
  • Listening & Understanding and Presenting
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Teamwork and Leadership

With thanks to the support from Price Waterhouse Cooper, the students at TSLA will engage in projects within different subjects, giving them a chance to continue working together to lead their own learning. The projects are unique experiences that develop work-based skills in real-world tasks and will involve creating a radio play on a topic of their choice or taking on the role of sports consultants to manage a team’s success.

Alongside the projects, Year 7 will be involved in the Challenge Day, Moonbase, using all eight enterprise skills to work in a team and develop a new society on the moon. The day proves to be one of celebration as the students will showcase what they have created and be awarded certificates for their success in developing the enterprise skills.

In the Spring term, the trip to a local business will give the students in Year 7 another opportunity to practise their enterprise skills whilst seeing what lies beyond the classroom. They will carry out a challenge linked to the employer they visit and learn first-hand from the company’s volunteers what they do. The students will come away motivated by the experience and brimming with ideas around what they aspire to be.

TSLA once again shows the value it places on their relationship with PWC and the importance of their academy values through providing their students with experiences and opportunities to develop Enabling Enterprise’s eight core skills. It is set to be another year of exciting enterprise education at TSLA.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us or visiting enablingenterprise.org

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    [...] TSLA have begun their third year of working in partnership with Enabling Enterprise and have embarked upon another exciting programme of developing the Enterprise Skills of their KS3 students. With a particular focus upon Year 7, the Academy are setting the standard of secondary education as being the next phase of the students’ pathway to the working world, and through no better means than setting them the task of Operation Moonbase. [...]

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    [...] The South Leeds Academy have worked in partnership with Enabling Enterprise and PwC for 3 years. Last term their Year 7 students showcased their abilities at Being Creative when they took part in ‘Operation: Moonbase‘. Today the winning teams from that Challenge Day had a unique opportunity to work with volunteers from PwC in the heart of Leeds. Aiming High in a professional and world-leading environment were the order of the day. Did they have what it takes? [...]

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