The School: William Tyndale Primary School

William Tyndale Primary School is located in Islington and have been working with Enabling Enterprise for several years. They have a very exciting initiative this year where they are embedding the skills across school life with a “skill of the month” and opportunities for weekly reflection and praise around this skill.

The Business: Societe Generale Equipment Finance, Richmond, London

Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF) provides vendor and equipment finance to the full breadth of the business sector. SGEF is owned by Societe Generale, an international banking group headquartered in Paris, France. The team at SGEF based in Richmond specialise in a great variety of financing schemes for equipment, from the smaller loans they offer to sole traders to multi-million pound projects. As an organisation, they are able to give excellent insight into what it’s like to work in a multi-national company within the financial sector. Societe Generale’s values of team spirit and innovation chime with the enterprise skills for this challenge and so the volunteers were keen to share their expertise on Aiming High with the budding William Tyndale entrepreneurs.

The Challenge: Trading Triumphs

The aspiring traders began their day by interviewing their volunteers – Alex, Anna, Katie and Kesia – to learn more about their roles within the organisation. After an insightful tour of the freshly revamped offices, proving how good they were at Listening Carefully, the budding entrepreneurs took on the role of aspiring traders. They met their client, Dr Taylor, and set to work researching four different companies to invest the £25,000 she had given them. Today was also a test of Staying Positive skills as each team worked closely with the adults to make the best decisions as to where to best place their client’s money.

The Results:

Teams worked against the clock to take calculated risks with their money on behalf of their client. They showed amazing teamwork skills and shrewd Leading as they based their team decisions on a range of information which was constantly updated on this busy trading floor. Students clearly applied some expert Problem Solving as they maximised the input they got from the adult in their group.

What they said:

  • “It was an exciting, fun-filled day, and I loved seeing all the children engaged in the activities. I think they gained a lot of confidence from today’s experience.” – Teacher, William Tyndale
  • “I love how you have managed to get seriously complex notions broken down so young children can understand them in real life and put them into practice.” – Volunteer, Societe Generale
  • “Today we really stayed positive, even when we realised we didn’t make as much money as we hoped.” – Student, William Tyndale

Thanks to Societe Generale for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from William Tyndale Primary School for coming along.

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