The School: Shaftesbury Park Primary

Shaftesbury Park Primary School in Wandsworth, are new Partner School with Enabling Enterprise and they are passionate about providing their students with a well-rounded curriculum. The school runs as a bilingual school – with one form in some year groups working through the medium of French. The school is very excited and committed to adding Enterprise Education to their curriculum and was delighted to invite parents in to visit the challenge day and to support the school’s commitment to enterprise skills.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

Planet Earth is getting overcrowded, so in this challenge, students were tasked with starting a new society on ‘Utopia’: a moon in a galaxy far, far away. Their Problem Solving skills were set in action as they had to come up with the best plan for their new Moon Base. To do this well, they had to take on various roles throughout the day, from designers to managers, to builders and advertisers. Demonstrating their strengths in Leading and Staying Positive, the space explorers constructed 2D and 3D maps of their new cities in the sky.

The Results:

Throughout the day, students developed their Working in a Team and Leading skills through their various challenges, a steep learning curve for many as they quickly realised that team work wasn’t always an easy task. They used Problem Solving skills to choose their flight crew and very much enjoyed Using their Imagination to design their new animal, city and buildings. In the afternoon, the French stream continued the challenge – learning new vocabulary in enterprise skills and construction. All students, across the school Stayed Positive and Aimed High, to ensure that their new societies would wow their peers in the final Intergalactic Trade Fair!

What they said:

  • “It’s been fantastic to see their ideas coming through, as the morning has progressed they’ve really worked hard on sharing ideas in their teams and making sure that everybody is happy with the decision. It’s been brilliant to see that development right in front of us! ” – Teacher, Year 2
  • “We had to work in a team and listen to others, so that we knew what to do and what other people’s ideas are” – Student, Year 1

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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