The School: Brookland Infants and Brookland Juniors

Brookland Infant and Junior school based in Barnet, are both in their second year of working with Enabling Enterprise. Last year both schools were introduced to the enterprise skills through the exciting Greetings Card Challenge. However, this year it was all systems go with the Moonbase Challenge in the Infant school as the Juniors took on the role of young detectives to solve the case of the ‘Sugar Snatcher’.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase and Crime Scene Investigation

The week started with a bang for the Brookland Infants as they were told that a new moon had been discovered in a distant galaxy. This new moon was bare and needed to be built up in order for a new society to thrive on it. It was down to the infants to work in teams over the week to apply their Using Imagination and Problem Solving skills to choose a new crew, design a new species of animal and pick the most useful buildings to make their cities stand out from all the others.

Meanwhile, over in the junior school news began to break that a mystery sugar snatcher had struck and all of the chocolate had been stolen from the school kitchen. The new junior recruits were also required to apply their Problem Solving and team work skills to analyse different pieces of evidence and narrow down the four suspects to identify the chocolate criminal.

The Results:

By the end of the week, students in the infant school were ready to let their imaginations run wild and work together to build their fire stations, gyms and dams in order for their cities to function successfully. Soon after, some children practised Leading and Sharing Ideas as they organised the persuasive presentation plans. By the end of the day, groups stood up confidently to explain how well they’d worked in their teams and why their cities were unique.

Our mini detectives over in the junior school rose to their challenge by visiting the crime scene to analyse evidence and help piece together this mystery. Elsewhere, in the school teams worked to apply their Listening Carefully skills when sound clips linked to the case were discovered. These vital pieces of evidence encouraged lots of Problem Solving
discussions in the build up to the police presentations. Thanks to the work carried out by these Brookland Junior recruits the identity of the Sugar Snatcher was finally revealed in a shocking confession.

What they said:

  • “Spreading these activities over the week has really helped to embed the 8 skills across the infant school.” – Head Teacher, Brookland Infants
  • “I’ve enjoyed being creative this week.” – Student, Year 2 – Brookland Infants
  • “Their reasoning has been really good and as well as that they’ve had to learn today that people working together don’t always agree.”– Teacher, Year 6 – Brookland Juniors
  • “Before today, I don’t think I used my imagination as much and wasn’t used to solving problems in real life.”-Student, Year 4 – Brookland Juniors

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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