The School: William Booth

William Booth Primary School in Nottingham worked hard last year on developing their enterprise skills through completing their Operation Moonbase Challenge Day, visiting businesses on trips and completing their lesson-time projects in Year 4. They were ready to start their Enabling Enterprise programme this year by kicking off with their Challenge Day – Crime Scene Investigation!

The Challenge: Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation challenged students to become new police recruits, use their enterprise skills in gathering and analyse evidence to find the prime suspect in the case of ‘The Sugar Snatcher’. Students were tested on their Working in a Team and Sharing Ideas skills. The day highlighted to pupils the different skills needed to work for the Police Force and the different techniques police officers use to solve a crime.

The Results:

Students, from Nursery to Year 6, supported by their teachers worked tirelessly putting a case together, presenting their cases and trying to solve the crime. The end of the day came round quickly and as the new recruits gathered together to reflect on the skills they had used, shocking news came through from the police station!

What they said:

  • “The children have really enjoyed the whole day today. They have been so engaged! ” – Deputy Head Teacher, William Booth Primary School
  • “I have worked really well in my team to help them solve the case!” – Student, William Booth Primary School
  • “This has been so exciting. I loved finding clues at the crime scene. I think I have the skills to be a police officer when I am older. I’d really like to be a detective now!’– Student, William Booth Primary School

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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