The School: Oak Hill Academy

Located in Feltham, Oak Hill Academy are brand new to working with Enabling Enterprise. In preparation for a full week of Primary enterprise later this term, the whole school decided to take on a challenge that chimed with their values: ‘to Make a Difference’ to this country with ‘Creativity’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Confidence to Take Action’. This year’s political scene has been busy and so this was the perfect excuse for the whole school to put their enterprise skills to the test in a one-of-a-kind challenge that was sure to stretch their Working in a Team skills.

The Challenge: A Day in Politics

Working in political parties tested each team’s ability to work together, share ideas and listen to one another. The whole Key Stage 2 took part in class debates to practise getting their points of view across. By lunchtime, students across the school had thought carefully about the areas in society they wanted to improve. Problem Solving skills were needed by all to put forward solutions to some of the existing issues.

The Results:

The students at Oak Hill rose to the day’s challenge and impressed their teachers when asked to create their very own political parties. Teachers of Year 5 were particularly impressed with how confidently students were Sharing Ideas during the whole-class debate. In all years, there were a variety of colourful displays of rosettes, banners, badges and bunting to share their political promises and manifestos. All the classes held their hustings at the end of the day, which culminated in an all-important election of the enterprising leaders.

What they said:

  • “It was just the right amount of challenge for the children to be having fun but not finding it too easy.” – Teacher, Year 3
  • “It’s great to see the children proudly wearing their party’s rosettes as they walk out of the school.” – Executive Head Teacher
  • “It was brilliant to see teams that weren’t getting on well in the morning then turn this around and start co-operating and listening to each other over the course of the day.” – Teacher, Year 4
  • “We had children standing up and speaking in front of everyone which is something they wouldn’t have done before.” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “We had a strong leader in our team: he was helping us when we were stuck and he was listening to our opinions.” – Student, Year 5
  • “We got the most votes because we worked really hard as a team. I think people voted for us because of that.” – Student, Year 3

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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