The School: Darrick Wood Junior School

Local school Darrick Wood Juniors have been developing key enterprise skills for the second year running through a range of Lesson-Time Projects, Challenge Days and business trips to top employers across London. Before launching a buzzing week of Primary enterprise back at school next week, today a selection of students across all four year groups came to visit Affinity Sutton for a very special challenge that was sure to stretch their Working in a Team skills.

The Business: Affinity Sutton, Bromley

Affinity Sutton is a national housing association, with 57,000 properties across over 120 local authorities. Founded by Victorian philanthropist William Sutton over 100 years ago, Affinity Sutton is a business with a social mission: tackling the shortage of affordable homes and supporting communities who live in their properties. Today volunteers Vratika, Antoinette, Claire and Andy were on hand to help the budding entrepreneurs hone in on Sharing Ideas and Listening Carefully.

The Challenge: Spread the Word

Using Imagination students had to stretch their Problem Solving skills in order to come up with a campaign that would promote the work of Affinity Sutton, and raise awareness on issues faced by communities. They customised their company names in line with the range of activities that Affinity Sutton do. Throughout the day all teams competed in a variety of exciting and fast-paced challenges in order to develop their understanding of these social issues, with a particular focus on what social enterprise could do to help society at large.

The Results:

At the end of the day all students had shown how they were able to apply their creativity skills to the highest standard. They created a mascot to spread the word to a variety of people in need. With a focus on developing effective communication skills, students then planned and rehearsed a news broadcast, focusing on giving a voice to those who were helped by the partnership between their business and Affinity Sutton.

What they said:

  • “I liked the way EE staff delivered the day. The mascot theme worked well in terms of understanding Affinity Sutton’s values and ethos. I think the children gained a lot from experiencing the workplace and from the opportunity to develop their use of the 8 skills.” – Teacher, Darrick Wood
  • “I learnt a lot from communicating with young people about what I do for a living – it was great!” – Volunteer, Affinity Sutton
  • “The mixed groups worked really well and the activities were well prepared and resourced.” – Volunteer, Affinity Sutton
  • “Today I enjoyed putting all our ideas together to make our mascot.” – Year 5 Student, Darrick Wood

Thanks to Affinity Sutton for such a great trip day, and to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 from Darrick Wood Juniors for coming along.

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