A great day at Bromford Group’s Solihull offices as the Hands-on Housing Challenge showed Year 11 students from Turves Green Boys School a new perspective on enterprise. Pitching for a major contract to develop a plot of land, the three student teams became competing housing associations working to come up with best ideas for the development. With expert help from Bromford’s Development Team, students came up with their ideal Master Plan, decided what sort of housing mix would make a happy community and number crunched their way to find out their land value.

The motivation and enthusiasm of Bromford’s volunteers helped students get stuck into their work, grab the opportunity to show off their skills and make some great presentations. Well done to the winners: Turves Housing!

Back at school, under the guidance of Mr Fergus, the students are undertaking an ambitious Design Technology project – designing and constructing large wooden benches for local primary schools. The weekly Enabling Enterprise sessions help to add a business dimension to this grand endeavour and the day at Bromford gave students a taste of design on the macro scale.

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