The Schools: Duncombe Primary School

Duncombe Primary School, located in the London Borough of Islignton has been working with Enabling Enterprise for the past 3 years. Over the past few years, students across the school have been participating in whole-school Challenge Days, in class Lesson-Time Projects and trips to businesses across London. Today was an excellent opportunity for 20 Year 5 students to apply the enterprise skills and marketing know-how that they developed last year during their Number Crunching project to a brand new challenge!

The Business: OMD, London

OMD is one of the most forward thinking, creative, effective and innovative communications agencies in the UK. They have won numerous industry awards and clients currently include Walkers, Sony, Levi’s, Disney and many more organisations. Today students were joined by eight volunteers from across the agency and a variety of roles including personal assistants and insight research.

The Challenge: Magnificent Marketing

After meeting the volunteers and learning about what goes on inside a communications agency, the students are introduced to their challenge. In teams, they were Using Imagination and Aiming High to create an innovative new advertising campaign for an exciting, existing brand of OMD: Disney! After learning about their target market and how best to engage them with their product, students create a mood board and final campaign; before presenting their ideas to the OMD employees.

The Results:

From the outset it was clear to see that these Year 5 students were Aiming High to create the best and most effective advertising campaign for Disney. During the tour of the offices, the teams gained valuable information about how to work in a team and share your ideas to support your client. When it came down to creating their advertising campaigns, it was crucial that students worked together and they most certainly impressed the volunteers from OMD with their final presentations.

What they said:

  • “The students gained a clear introduction to a completely new but relevant industry. They left with a clear understanding of the link between the enterprise skills and the work undertaken by OMD.” – Teacher, Duncombe Primary School
  • “This day teaches the children the basic principles that this industry demands – the activities put a focus on collaboration and make it a requirement for success so they are inspired to work together.” – Volunteer, OMD
  • “I really liked how the other group used their imagination to come up with a really creative advert for Youtube.” – Student, Duncombe Primary School

Thanks to OMD for such a great trip day, and to Year 5 from Duncombe Primary School for coming along.

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