The School: Curwen Primary School

Newham-based Curwen Primary have been expertly developing the all-important enterprise skills for the fifth year running, not only through a variety of Challenge Days and visits to top employers, but also in an extensive range of Lesson-Time Projects. Today a group of Year 4 students were specially selected for a one-of-a-kind challenge in this exciting workplace.

The Business: London City Airport

London City Airport services over 4.3 million passengers each year. Built in 1987 the airport is a key link to London’s financial services centre and carries flights from 15 international airlines to 48 destinations. Today, volunteers Fabienne and Anthony were on hand to help the young entrepreneurs hone in on Problem Solving and Using Imagination.

The Challenge: High Fliers

The day started with a fascinating tour of the airport, including some crucial market research that would come in handy for today’s challenge. Students were quickly placed in teams and were set the challenge of rebranding a failing airline. Each team aimed high to work effectively together, factoring in their target market and coming up with brilliant plans to re-brand ‘Abacus Airways’.

The Results:

Working to tight deadlines, students wowed the adults in the room, who were impressed with the original ideas and branding. They came up with slogans that sounded as professional as those produced by advertising agencies. At the end of the day, following a trade fair that was buzzing with confident presentations, Fabienne had the tricky task of picking a winning team, but all students walked away with the pride of having taken their teamwork to the next level.

What they said:

  • “I have definitely seen an incredible level of leadership from some students, I’m impressed!” – Teacher, Curwen Primary
  • “As soon as I approached this team I knew I was going to remember them.” – Volunteer, London City Airport
  • “Today we managed to solve our problem when we couldn’t agree on whose idea was the best in our team, but we found a solution with the way we voted.” – Student, Curwen Primary

Thanks to London City Airport for such a great trip day, and to Year 4 from Curwen Primary School for coming along.

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