The School: Oasis Academy Woodview

Years 4 and 5 from Oasis Academy Woodview were ready to tackle an exciting Enterprise Challenge at LFM. With the students having already put their skills to the ultimate test on a Challenge Day in the summer term, this was a great opportunity to show off their enterprise skills in the world of work. Following professional introductions, the teams were set and ready to hone in on Working in a Team and Aiming High.

The Business: LFM, Birmingham

The LFM joint venture has brought together a strong and willing team, committed to the safe and efficient delivery of new major infrastructure opportunities in the UK. From its offices in the heart of Birmingham, the integrated team is dedicated to creating innovative design, manufacturing and engineering solutions. And so the aspiring engineers from Oasis Woodview were in safe hands to take on today’s challenge which was sure to stretch their Problem Solving skills beyond what they had produced in their entire year of enterprise.

The Challenge: Terrific Towers

Student teams started by quizzing volunteers about their roles, what inspired them to work here and how they use the enterprise skills in their day-to-day jobs. Following an informative tour of the offices in Colmore Row, students proved Using Imagination was their expertise when it came to designing a terrific tower that would truly impress the judges as a new landmark for Birmingham.

The Results:

Students worked closely alongside their LFM volunteers, Aiming High to make the biggest, proudest and most impressive tower possible. There was a healthy level of competition and Sharing Ideas was rewarded amongst all teams. Teams worked against the clock to complete their buildings then plan a pitch to showcase their design in a round of persuasive presentations. The confidence and enthusiasm shown by all students proved how carefully they had thought about the special features that would make their tower stand out.

As the challenge culminated with a room full of free-standing towers which were taller than the students themselves, and LFM volunteers who were most impressed by the skills demonstrated by all of the students, it made things difficult for the judging panel who just couldn’t decide who was the best at Working in a Team. A huge well done to all the teams!

What they said:

  • “There was a good structure to the day – the children remained engaged and active throughout. There were lots of opportunities for children to practise their enterprise skills.” – Teacher, Oasis Academy Woodview
  • “It was an engaging and informative experience that provided students with an insight into so many skills they will need for the future, but more importantly, it was fun!”- Volunteer, LFM
  • “I enjoyed working together in a team because without our team we wouldn’t have been able to build this tower!” – Student, Oasis Academy Woodview

Thanks to LFM for such a great trip day, and to Years 4 and 5 from Oasis Academy Woodview for coming along.

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