The School: The South Leeds Academy

As part of their PSHE programme, Year 9 students at The South Leeds Academy completed a tour of careers as they worked in small teams to design a new society on a distant planet.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

With the challenges of climate change and overpopulation facing the planet, Year 9 set out on a quest to design a new society on distant but hospitable moon called Utopia. Students took on the role of managers to recruit the members of the first exploratory mission, became law makers and set out a bill of rights for their society before putting their design skills to the test in order to come up with a brand new species of animal to support the inhabitants. They then became town planners and balanced budgets to ensure the society had all the right facilities before creating a model of their city which they would present to the class.

The Results:

As seen in the photos, creativity was in full flow when it came to designing animal and cities. Students also impressed teachers with their analytical skills in designing laws for the new society. One team imposed an age cap on voting so only those under the age of 70 could vote while other teams felt anyone over 14s should have the right to have a vote.

The day culminated with students sharing their designs in each class in a bid to win the all-important votes that would persuade their peers that their society was the best.

What they said:

  • “The resources have been great! My Form Group enjoyed the activities and came up with some very creative designs.” – Teacher, Year 9
  • “The most interesting part of today was creating laws for our society, the hardest part was presenting our city as a class because we were not that confident, but we did it.” – Student, Year 9

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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