The School: Stamford Primary School

Stamford Primary School is a small, one-form entry school located in the London Borough of Haringey. Students across the school are very familiar with the challenge skills and have been developing their enterprise skills by taking part in a variety of Lesson-Time projects. Year 3 are currently working through Food Glorious Food while Year 6 students are preparing for the fair they are holding next week as part of the Big Business Challenge. Alongside developing their enterprise skills in lessons, students across the school have participated in many Challenge Days and business trips to top employers.

The Challenge: Future Transport

Today’s challenge called upon the students to apply their Problem Solving skills whilst Working in a Team at the highest standard. Using cereal boxes, plastic bottles and other recycled packaging, the teams of students were tasked with building a new mode of transport for the future. However, they had to stretch their Using Imagination for their vehicles to cope with a whole new range of environments in the year 3030, ranging from deserts, to ice cities to dense jungles. Most importantly, teams must work together to design and create a futuristic and innovative prototype that would be adaptable.

The Results:

It was evident from the onset how the students at Stamford Hill have embraced the enterprise skills. During assembly students from all years were able to describe their Lesson-Time Projects and explain how the eight all-important skills have helped them during their group tasks. The students were Working in a Team so well that they quickly turned their junk into perfect prototypes of their futuristic designs. Furthermore, they were able to demonstrate Sharing Ideas when they described their inspiration and what each piece of junk represented in their design. The day ended with student teams swapping designs and completing quality control testing before feeding back to each other on how well their prototypes met the success criteria.

What they said:

  • “Probably the best challenge day we have participated in so far. There was excellent engagement by all the students. Alongside making progress with their teamwork, imagination and listening skills, they really developed confidence and self-reliance. I hardly did anything at all!” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “Working as a team has made this much better, much quicker and much easier, we are actually getting our rocket made now!” – Student, Year 5
  • “My team had lots of ideas and we made sure we listened to each other and used all of the ideas” – Student, Year 2

Well done to everyone who was involved.

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