The Schools: London Fields Primary School and St Paul’s and All Hallows Primary School

Students at London Fields Primary School, located in Hackney, have been recently introduced to Enabling Enterprise through their whole school Crime Scene Investigation Challenge Day. Today, 20 Year 6 students were joined on their first trip by 10 Year 5 students from St Paul’s and All Hallows Primary School, Haringey, who have been working with Enabling Enterprise for the past few years.

The Business: Brewin Dolphin, London

Brewin Dolphin is one of the UK’s leading providers of personalised, discretionary wealth management services, offering investment management and financial planning services to investors and intermediaries. With origins dating back to the mid-18th century, they were one of the founding firms of the London Stock Exchange. They have 28 offices throughout the UK & Ireland and have a wealth of experience dealing with investment markets.

The Challenge: Invest for Success

Having introduced themselves to their volunteers, students took the opportunity to ask a few questions about Brewin Dolphin and the world of finance. After being told that, as teams, they would be taking on the role of investment management firms the students had to work together to come up with an imaginative team name. With help from employees from Brewin Dolphin the students explored the terms risk, invest and return on investment before meeting their clients. In order to ensure they were making the best investment decisions for their clients, the teams gathered information about the businesses in which they could invest. A whole year passed and the teams calculated their overall return before presenting their investment choices and skills development to the rest of the group and a panel of judges who work at Brewin Dolphin.

The Results:

It was particularly great to see the students from different schools Working in a Team so effectively from the very beginning of today. Over the course of the day, though, teams continued to improve by supporting one another during times of tricky decision making and commenting on what they liked about each other’s ideas. Students were excellent at Listening Carefully and made use of their Brewin Dolphin notepads to make useful notes on the different businesses to inform their investment decisions. By the end of the day, quieter members of the group had developed the confidence to share their ideas and present their hard work to the rest of the class.

What they said:

  • “This challenge promotes a ‘can do’ attitude and focuses on skills which are important in the classroom and the future.” – Teacher, St Paul’s and All Hallows Primary School
  • “The concepts were simplified to a level that made them understandable without diminishing their meaning- they left with a functional understanding of capitalism that they can later apply to real life situations.” – Teacher, London Fields Primary School
  • “I have had a really great day and it’s been lovely to meet and speak with young people.” – Volunteer, Brewin Dolphin
  • “We took lots of notes when we learnt about the businesses which meant when we had to decide about the risks we could share lots of different ideas.” – Student, St Paul’s and All Hallows Primary School

Thanks to Brewin Dolphin for such a great trip day, and to Years 5 and 6 from London Fields Primary School and St Paul’s and All Hallows Primary School for coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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