The School: Crossacres Primary Academy

Crossacres Primary Academy is a two-form entry school in Wythenshawe in South Manchester. They have been working with Enabling Enterprise since Summer 2015. They completed a very successful Crime Scene Challenge Day in October and the whole school are currently completing their Lesson Time Projects. Today pupils from Years 4 & 5 came to the centre of Manchester to further develop their skills by becoming Investment Bankers.

The Business: RSA, Manchester

RSA are the oldest insurance firm in the world and insure a range of products from houses and pet dogs to the crown jewels and Tower Bridge. Coming to RSA was an excellent opportunity for the pupils to learn more about the importance of Working In A Team and Sharing Ideas with colleagues and customers. The pupils were excited to learn about how the RSA staff used the Challenge Skills every day at work. This was out sixth trip to RSA this year and once again every member of staff we met was warm and welcoming and eager to share with, and learn from, the pupils.

The Challenge: Invest for Success

High risk or low risk? That was the question today! The pupils had to Work In A Team and Listen Carefully in order to decide how risky each of the potential investments were and Share Their Ideas about how much of Mr & Mrs Green’s life savings they should risk. Their Problem Solving skills were put to the test as they had to Use Their Imagination to consider what their clients would want and what was going to lead to the biggest return.

The Results:

The pupils did a fantastic job and proved they could Stay Positive when it was difficult to work out how much their return was and when they disagreed on which investments to make. Across the groups Leaders emerged as the pupils realised that success for the team was the most important thing. They proved they could Aim High right through to the end with exciting and engaging presentations that included raps, detailed explanations and reflections on which skills they had used and which they could improve even further.

What they said:

  • “All the children enthusiastically shared their amazing business ideas whilst carefully listening and considering each other’s opinions. It was really fascinating observing how children positively adapted to different roles and jobs within an enterprise environment.” – Teacher, Crossacres Primary Academy
  • “It was so great to see the pupils having the opportunity to work in mixed year groups and practice a range of skills like this. They were so engaged and excited by the challenge or being investment bankers.” – Volunteer, RSA
  • “Today I really learnt why working in a team can be better than doing things on your own. We could help on another, because we all listened to each other’s ideas it ment we cam up with better ideas and it was really fun!- Student, Crossacres Primary Academy

Thanks to RSA for such a great trip day, and to Years 4 and 5 from Crossacres Primary Academy for coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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