The School: Benthal Primary School

Benthal Primary is a long-standing partner in their third year with Enabling Enterprise. The students are experts at using their enterprise skills, having already completed a number of business trips this year, as well as two other Challenge Days. Today the students worked together on a creative challenge to further build on the skills they have been developing over the year.

The Challenge: Creative Spaces

Today’s challenge was for students from Year 1 to Year 6 to design the best community arts centre for their local area. The students would have to use all of their enterprise skills to work through the challenges of the day. In particular they focused on Using Imagination as they had to come up with creative but practical designs, and Working in a Team to ensure that every member in the team had a role and felt part of the design process. After designing and creating their arts centres, the students would have to present their ideas to a planning committee with the intention of persuading them that their design would be best for the local area.

The Results:

By the end of the day, every team from every class had come up with a different design for their arts centre, demonstrating how well the students had used their imagination and problem-solving skills throughout the day. It was also particularly impressive to see how supportive of their other team members the students were; despite being presented with different problems throughout the day, it was lovely to see the students Staying Positive and Aiming High to create designs of an outstanding quality.

What they said:

  • “The best part of the day was seeing the children excited by their learning and working together to produce high quality outcomes.” – Teacher, Year 3
  • “My favourite part of the day was building our art galleries, because it used a lot of creative thinking. It was quite fun because we normally don’t do that sort of thing in school and it’s fun to try something new. ” – Student, Year 6

Well done to everyone who was involved.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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