The School: Southgate Primary School

Southgate Primary School, located in Crawley, is an Enabling Enterprise partner school who have completely embraced incorporating enterprise skills development into their curriculum. Over the past few years, students from Southgate Primary have been taking part in Lesson-Time Projects and have been applying their learning on numerous trips to businesses. Fantastic displays around the school draw on the eight Enabling Enterprise skills and demonstrate the substantial enterprise learning. Today was an excellent opportunity for students and teachers from EYFS to Year 6 to come together and participate in a brand new challenge.

The Challenge: Operation Moonbase

In this challenge, students are tasked with devising a plan for starting a new society on ‘Utopia’: a moon in a galaxy far, far away. There were so many factors to take into consideration, it was vital that students were Listening Carefully and Working in a Team. However, just when they thought they had decided on a crew they received exclusive information about the possible crew members. At that point Staying Positive was really important to make sure they worked as a team to solve the problem! After designing their new city, project developments got underway during the construction of 3D maps.

The Results:

It was fantastic to observe how the different year groups and classrooms approached today’s challenges. Students in EYFS were Aiming High, creating imaginative alien artwork and space rocket collages, whereas Year 3 took Working in a Team to a whole new level, working as a class to build a 3D map of their new society, complete with interactive augmented reality buildings and QR code audio explanations. Years 1 and 2 came up with ingenious hybrid animals, designed to help the new human population on Utopia. Year 5 made effective use of their Problem Solving skills, using 3D shapes they’d made in earlier maths lessons as the basis of their buildings. When making decisions as a group about their crew and how to spend the budget, Years 4 and 6 focused on Working in a Team and Aiming High. The day rounded off with a range of trade fairs, presentations and videos showing off the brand new societies that students had created.

What they said:

  • ” It is a really great opportunity for the class to ‘think outside the box’. It is great to see the creativity being embraced and encouraged from the children. They have come up with fantastic, unique ideas.” – Teacher, Year 5
  • “Today, it has been very interesting to listen to the students discussing their reasons for choosing different occupations on board their crew. They have come up with very different ideas and justified them to each other and us! ” – Learning Support Assistant, Year 4
  • “The best bit was when we got to build the maps of the cities. It has been hard though because I have not done that before and not worked with the people in my group before but I actually had a lot of fun and now I think I am much better at working with other people” – Student, Year 3

Well done to everyone who was involved.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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