The School: Southern Road Primary School

Southern Road Primary, located in the borough of Newham, have been developing their students’ enterprise skills for the fourth year running through a range of Lesson-Time Projects and whole-school Challenge Days, as well as business trips to employers from a variety of sectors. Today’s selection of Year 5 students were keen to show off the enterprise skills they had been practising in their ‘Going Live’ project back at school, where they have been creating their very own podcasts. The stretching challenge they were about to take at UEL’s Knowledge Dock would put their Working in a Team skills to the test – let’s see how they got on.

The Business: University of East London

The University of East London can trace back its roots to 1892. The University currently has more than 19,000 students from 120 countries. Today Student Ambassadors Edith, Patty and Tobi were on hand to help our budding entrepreneurs hone in on Using Imagination and Problem Solving – two essential skills in this challenge.

The Challenge: Imaginative Inventors

The 9- and 10-year olds were set the exciting task of designing a brand new gadget for the volunteers at UEL in order to make their lives easier. They dived straight into some crucial market research by querying the UEL Student Ambassadors, then getting lots of inspiration from touring the premises and making careful notes about the technology already in use on the campus. In their team conversations, the children were experts at working together, Listening Carefully and Sharing Ideas before they started designing their gadgets, factoring in appearance, size and special features.

The Results:

Teams aimed high to generate a range of innovative gadgets, ranging from droid-like multilingual robots to a futuristic-looking office chair that improves your health. The UEL Ambassadors then became judges, as the teams of inventors took on the role of advertising aces in a bid to convince the adults that their gadget was the most imaginative and the most useful. The Inventors’ Trade Fair was thriving with exciting ideas and confident pitches. At the end of the day, students had set the bar so high, the enthusiastic judges from UEL had nothing but praise for the enterprising inventors.

What they said:

  • “I think the pupils gained a lot from asking questions to the team of UEL students who were able to stay with us all day. Also, I think it inspired them to see the University as a place they could come to and study.” – Teacher, Southern Road Primary
  • “Everyone was completely involved in the activities: the challenge actually was spot on!” – Volunteer, UEL
  • “Today I enjoyed presenting our work to the adults. And the tour around the university.” – Student, Southern Road Primary

Thanks to University of East London for such a great trip day, and to Year 5s from Southern Road Primary School for coming along.

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