The School: Cranford Primary School

Cranford Primary School is located in the London borough of Hounslow and is one of our Partner Primary schools, having worked with Enabling Enterprise for three years. As part of their programme, students have been working on developing core Enterprise Skills during lesson time projects, and will soon be taking part in a Crime Scene Investigation Challenge Day within school. Today was a great opportunity for a group of 30 Year 3 students to demonstrate their Using Imagination and Problem Solving skills, as they visited a local business.

The Business: Hounslow Highways, London

Hounslow Highways is responsible for maintaining the roads, pavements and street lighting across the borough, which includes pothole maintenance and white bar markings. Alongside this they provide a number of other key services including street cleaning, skip permitting and the removal of illegally dumped waste and graffiti. The students were supported and encouraged throughout the day by lots of helpful volunteers from different areas of the business.

The Challenge: Imaginative Inventors

After an engaging presentation from one of our volunteers about the work that Hounslow Highways do, the students were set the task of coming up with a gadget that would make the lives of employees easier. After interviewing the volunteers and conducting market research during a tour of the site, students had to Aim High, Share Ideas and Work in Teams in order to design the most imaginative gadgets and convince the judges, at the Inventors’ Trade Fair, that their gadget would be useful.

The Results:

Every team came up with an innovative and original pitch, from hard hats with built in maps to rain-repellent hi-vis jackets. One team observed that a gate wouldn’t open during their tour of the site and invented a fingerprint scanner to avoid this problem in the future! In their role as judges, the volunteers were very impressed by every team’s Using Imagination, and Working in a Team skills, and the students had placed the bar so high throughout the whole day that in the end it was extremely difficult for our judges to pick a winning team.

What they said:

  • “The children were interested and engaged – thank you to all the volunteers who helped children and encouraged them throughout.” – Teacher, Cranford Primary School
  • “Everybody used imagination in one way or another, and there was nobody in the group who didn’t play a part. I wish I had done a programme like this when I was at school!” – Volunteer, Hounslow Highways
  • “I enjoyed the day because we were still learning but in a fun way. Can we come back tomorrow?” – Student, Cranford Primary School

Thanks to Hounslow Highways for such a great trip day, and to Year 3 from Cranford Primary School for coming along.

Enabling Enterprise are working in partnership with schools and businesses to support students to build enterprise skills and aspirations. Find out more by contacting us.

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